Family Swing Set, Platform Swings

The Kinder and Wellness Swings

Engineered and made in Germany

by Die-Schaukel

Swings we offer:


Model Therapy Swings for professional applications

Model Standard for domestic applications

Models Education for domestic use and public institutions

Models Challenger for domestic use and public institutions

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    Model Therapy

       Therapy swings help to initiate and

       accelerate learning processes. They are

       the deisive impulses for the development

       of perception and stimulation of the



       Model TherapyPlus

       Model PlatformPlus



        Model Standard              

     Home & Leisure Model                         

        for indoor private living areas and back yards         


          - Certified according to DIN EN 71                         

          - Standard seat covering in different color              

             combinations machine washable and weather  


         - Standard rope set (height adjustment 1.80 to       

            2.80 m)                                                                        

         - All round impact protection                                     

         - Light aluminum frame, easy to disassemble