Family Swing Set, Platform Swings

The Kinder and Wellness Swings

Engineered and made in Germany

by Die-Schaukel

Swings we offer:


Model Therapy Swings for professional applications

Model Standard for domestic applications

Models Education for domestic use and public institutions

Models Challenger for domestic use and public institutions


    Some facts about Model Education:       

     ★         Closer webbing then Standard               

     ★         Lightweight frame construction         

     ★         For continued use                           

     ★         Recommended for indoor use in public institutions

     ★         Professional rope set with safety cover on screw joint

     ★         Approved for public play areas such as nurseries     

            and supervised institutions (DIN EN 1176)               



Technical Data Model Education:                      

     ★         Aluminum frame (can be dismantled)         

     ★         Striped webbing made of 1.6 in. extra wide PP

            ripstop bands (washable and weather proof)  

     ★         Rope set Pro for two point suspension from 0.4  

            inch strong polyester multifil ropes              

             (UV stable + thermo fixed) with aluminum screw


     ★         Impact guard: dark grey                           

     ★         Load capacity: 330 lbs.                              

     ★         Dynamic load capacity: 660 lbs.                 

     ★         Sizes: M 43 x 53 inches, L 54 x 26 inches    



     Education M    

        $ 499.00          

         plus shipping          

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      Education L              

       $ 589.00         

plus shipping

     specify color code    


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Color Code

    Marathon Suspension