Family Swing Set, Platform Swings

The Kinder and Wellness Swings

Engineered and made in Germany

by Die-Schaukel

Swings we offer:


Model Therapy Swings for professional applications

Model Standard for domestic applications

Models Education for domestic use and public institutions

Models Challenger for domestic use and public institutions

The patented swing roller fitting

The revolutionary suspension systemfor hours of gentle and soft swinging enjoyment.

Once set in motion the Marathon reveals its power. Because of the integrated high quality ball bearingsthe suspended carabiner snap hooks run on rails which allows continuous swinging up to one hour and beyond.

The outstanding roling properties also ensure smooth movement, so that floating back and forth is absolutely silent.

Everyone who is looking for pure relaxation can take off in the swing without any background noise.

Also parents will love the MARATHON because the kids won't need much pushing.

Overview of the advantages:

     1     Silent and smooth

     2     Ball bearing technology in accordance with ABEC 7 standard, with outstanding rolling properties for extra-long swinging movement

     3     Maximum safety thanks to the hinge stopper

     4     Load-bearing capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs (in pairs)

     5     Easy to fit using a drill template

     6     Maintenance-free

     7     All-purpose - can be used with all swing types, hammocks, rope ladders, gym apparatus, punch bags etc.


- Max. load-bearing capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs (in pairs)
- Assembly kit for concrete with certification from building authority
- Assembly kit for wood with certification from building authority

    Marathon Roller Suspension

     Model # MAR.0     

    $ 19.95  per unit plus shipping

Included in package:

- 1 x roller joint with 10mm carabiner snap hooks

- Installation instructions

- For fitting to wood:

4 x TORX brand wood screws

with ETA certification for load-bearing capacity