Family Swing Set, Platform Swings

The Kinder and Wellness Swings

Engineered and made in Germany

by Die-Schaukel

Swings we offer:


Model Therapy Swings for professional applications

Model Standard for domestic applications

Models Education for domestic use and public institutions

Models Challenger for domestic use and public institutions

TherapyPlus sets new standards for use in therapy and rehabilitation. Having a therapist and patient swinging togeether creates trust, which is the basis for further therapeutic success. In addition the ergonomic form provides a sense of security.

Orientation stripes that can be inserted into the monochrome webbing can help visually impaired patients to recognise spatial boundaries easier and more quickly.

Areas of use  for TherapyPlus:

- large acceptance by autism patients

- From prenatal stimulation to geriatrics

- Stimulation of the vestibular organ

- Relaxation and breathing exercises

- Treatment of sleep disorders and depressions

-  Pain free solution for muscle cramps

   Medium Size                         SIZE M     

  Technical Data

   Dimensions                                    43 x 21 inches  

   Load bearing capacity                    330 lbs               

   BLACK                                            STR.M.10900    

   BLACK WITH YELLOW OS            STR.M.10599     

   SILVER                                            STR.M.10500  

   SILVER WITH BLACK OS               STR.M.10599     

OS = Orientation Stripes                                                         

Color Codes



Black OS Yellow




Silver OS Black


Recommended Accessory

Marathon Swing Suspension

Frame Construction          Reinforced aluminum frame with safety click, easy to take apart

Rope Set                                     10 mm LIROS-Herkules polyeaster rope (UV stabilised) with collets and safety bolts

Impact Protection               Very soft and accident proof foam along all four sides, tested for biocompatibility,

                                                       limited suitability for outdoor use

Cover                                        Cover made from extra wide 50 mm polypropylene bands, mashine


Accomodates                          1 adult and one child or 2 to 3 children

Foam Color                              Black


TherapyPlus Swings

   Large Size                           SIZE L      

  Technical Data

   Dimensions                                    54 x 26 inches  

   Load bearing capacity                    330 lbs          

   BLACK                                           STR.L.10900    

   BLACK WITH YELLOW OS           STR.L.10999  

   SILVER                                           STR.L.10500

   SILVER WITH BLACK OS              STR.L.10599

OS = Orientation Stripes                                                    


$ 679.00

plus shipping from Vermont, USA       

Delivery: 3 to 4 Weeks


Color Codes



Black OS Yellow




Silver OS Black


Color Code

$ 779.00

plus shipping from Vermont, USA       

Delivery: 3 to 4 weeks