Family Swing Set, Platform Swings

The Kinder and Wellness Swings

Engineered and made in Germany

by Die-Schaukel

Swings we offer:


Model Therapy Swings for professional applications

Model Standard for domestic applications

Models Education for domestic use and public institutions

Models Challenger for domestic use and public institutions

Many Occupational Therapists for Autism concentrate on sensory integration by special programs. One of the greatest tools for sensory integration therapy are specialy designed swings.

Children and adults suffering from various autism spectrum disorders such as Autism, PDD, ADHD, Asperger's, proprioceptive dysfunction and tactile defensiveness can benefit from the application of swings during their therapy.

The professional swings enhance the therapy and the professional design provides confidence for the patient.

The swings we offer have been developed in Germany and have been applied for therapy for many years in hospitals including:

- Children Pediatric Clinic Munich-Grosshadern,

- Clinic Dritter Orden Munich, SPZ - Center for Social Pediatrics

- Clinics St. Elisabeth, Neuburg/ Donau

   Clinics for children and medicine

   Adolescent Medicine


- EN 12182:1999

- MPG (Medical Product Law)

- MDD (EU Directive 93/42/EWG for medical)



The Professional

Therapy Swings

TherapyPlus Swings

  Ergonomic Design

PlatformPlus Swings

Flat Design